Travelling with infant: What you need in your bag?

Hi guys!!  you must be wondering why I am writing about this topic but I couldn’t resist as we just went away for a night with our 4 month old boy.

To be honest it was totally different to what I expected. Everyone probably has different experience but for me it was crazy. Not just our son but the packing we had to do just for one night was like WOW!!!! 4 big bags for us three. 

 Starting early morning took us like three hours to get ready even after all the bags were packed. This includes last minute packing like feeding bottles, breast pump and bottle warmer (Very hard especially when breast feeding). 


We put him to sleep before we put him in car seat, but guess what 20 minutes during the trip he starts crying. Then we stopped gave him milk, put him to sleep and started pumping milk again while he sleep in car. 2.5-hour road trip it took us 5 hours 

 As it was our anniversary so we thought would be nice to spend a romantic night but no,  as usual it was mostly feeding the baby, changing him and some photo shoot (that was fun). 

 Anyway, although packing was overwhelming, making a checklist really gave me hand. Here is what you should consider as essential to pack when travelling with your little one 


Bottle warmer– Whether you have stored expressed breastmilk or formula in fridge or its out in room temperature during winter, what so ever is the scenario, we all know our little ones love warm milk. As we all know heating milk in micro-wave is a big NO NO, bottle warmer is an essential one to take space in your bag 

Spare clothes– You never know when your cute ones will be do an explosive poop or that projectile pee (boys especially) that stains and wets clothes. Its clever to pack couple of extra clothes always. 

 Toy- This could be a musical toy, a rattle or any toy your little ones just loves. Our Bub loves a dog musical toy that barks and projects colorful lights. He just stops crying the minute it appears in front of him. This was one of our essentials to calm him down. 



Storm cover for pram– you really need this on a cold or windy day. This was really useful when we had to take our little one to beach and it kept him protected from dust and cold wind. 


Thermal bag– to keep the water or milk hot or cold for few hours. Its super light and easy to carry. 


Plastic carry bag– this is a must to dispose soiled nappy 


Pack a diaper bag- What you need in it?   

  • If you are not breastfeeding, pack some scoops of formula in the dispenser if you don’t wanna carry that big formula container everywhere or thawed pumped Breast milk 
  • Muslin wrap 
  • Diaper 
  • Wipes 
  • Tissues 
  • Sanitizer 
  • Bibs 
  • Diaper rash cream 
  • Change mat- to put under your little one during nappy change 


Don’t go out without ensuring you have everything in the bag from the checklist. It can be exhausting, but don’t forget to have fun and capture that beautiful moment with your little angel